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Handling an Injured Pet

by Jan 24 2012
Handling an Injured Pet If your pet is injured, it’s probably in a lot of pain, and scared and confused too. And that means it could unintentionally scratch or bite. In this podcast, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver, Colo., and a featured veterinarian in Animal Planet’s television series E-Vet Interns, offers tips on how to care for an injured pet, ... [More]
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Using a virus to kill a virus

by Aug 26 2011
Using a virus to kill a virus In what represents an important step toward curing HIV, a USC scientist has created a virus that hunts down HIV-infected cells. Dr. Pin Wang's lentiviral vector latches onto HIV-infected cells, flagging them with what is called "suicide gene therapy" -- allowing drugs to later target and destroy them. "If you deplete all of the HIV-infected cells, you can at least pa... [More]
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Early separation of puppies from litters significantly boosts risk of adult behavioural problems

by Aug 26 2011
Early separation of puppies from litters significantly boosts risk of adult behavioural problems Puppies separated from their litters early are significantly more likely to develop potentially problematic behaviours as adults than puppies who stay with the litter for at least two months, suggests research published online in the Veterinary Record. This is important, say the Italian a... [More]
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